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Important Information !!!!

Please do not pay any money to any representative of Finova Capital Private Limited without getting the Receipt issued by Finova Capital Private Limited only.

In absence of a Receipt, the company will not be able to consider the money paid.


Finova products are MSME oriented & tailor made to suit gamut of industries to maximize business growth for customers

Mortgage loan-Residential /Commercial
  1.  Loan Amount-Rs 3 lacs to 10 lacs
  2.  Repayment tenor-2 years to 7 years
  3.  Interest rate-21% to 25% per annum
  4.  Secured against mortgage over marketable security
  5.  Processing fee-3% + service tax


Top up loan
  1. Seasonal & festival loan requirements of Rs 50,000/- to Rs 200000/-
  2. Short seasonal tenor-2 months to 1 year
  3. Interest rate-22% to 26%
  4. Existing loan customers with a good repayment track record can apply after 6 months of taking their primary loan
  5. Secured against the existing assets under the primary loan


  1. Continuity in business-Min. 3 years in the same line of business
  2. Residence & office stability for 3 years
  3. Financial documents –Last 6 months bank statements .If you don’t have ITR’S then our team will work with you for variety of documentation alternatives